The Mars Society Kenya is working on acquiring a Space City. The Space City will be a fully-fledged space academy which will also feature a Mars Simulation Habitat
This camp will form the basis of all the operations of the port or the main programme of the project. The camp will receive and train people of all walks of life for a fee.


After successfully going through internship, the interns will be placed where they fit best and on their personal accord, to ensure maximum and accident-free business operations.
The project is expected to raise its own staff and not unless in the worst case scenario where a post is urgently needed and the internship cannot fill; nor can the current staff work their way up to fill the empty slot, that this slot will be filled by an ‘outsider’.
Partners of the project, such as the Italian Space Agency can send their representatives to fill specific posts, but individuals of the same, on a learning experience will have to go through the system like the locals.


In line with the ASI-Sapienza Agreement (between the university of Nairobi and the University of Rome, Italy), successful trainees will qualify to join the space port for internship, this period will serve as the officially working population of the port. The interns will be involved in all manner of the port’s operations.


Our partners, just like those of the Kenya Space Agency will be;
- Ministries, Departments and Agencies
- Academia (Youth in STEM)
- Regional and International Organizations
- Private Sector and Civil Society Organizations


  • Family or Individual Package
  • Member takes preferred activity of choice
  • No restriction for completion
  • Individual takes packaged activities
  • Member free to seek employment elsewhere
  • Member takes preferred activity of choice
  • No restriction for completion
  • Individual takes packaged activities
  • Activity must be completed upon set duration
  • Member qualifies for internship at the KSA awaiting formal employment
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