Humans-to-Mars within a decade

Our hope and desire is to partner with the Kenyan government in reviving the Space industry in Kenya, through forming partnerships to deliver either individual or community projects.

Our Values

To serve as a professional team of people dedicated to elevating public awareness towards landing human explorers on Mars within a decade.

Space City

Mars Society Kenya is working on establishing a Space City. The Space City will be a fully-fledged space academy which will also feature a Mars Simulation Habitat.

Mars Kenya Analogs

Mars Society Kenya is in the process of establishing a Mars Habitat Simulation Programme / Research Station (MDRS) to be set up in the country. The MDRS will enable both the citizens and any other willing party to practice and experiment on a Martian-like environment, even as we purpose to eventually have a human presence on Mars.

Zindua STEM

At Zindua STEM, we aim to inspire every child to dream and foster an attitude of “YES I can do it” and engaging every child with project-based learning of interest that includes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and activities such as art, coding, drones (robotics) and more to promote talents.

Our main goal is to advocate for a human presence on the Red Planet !


Humans-To-Mars within a decade.

We are a non-profit organization with a youthful community of Space enthusiasts focused on the Space sector. We are the Kenyan Chapter of the American worldwide volunteer-driven space-advocacy non-profit organization under Dr. Robert Zubrin.

Our hope and desire is to partner with the Kenyan government in reviving the Space industry in Kenya, through forming partnerships to deliver either individual or community projects.



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MARS SOCIETY KENYA is a non-profit organization aimed at informing the general public of the importance of taking care of the environment (in this case – Mars) and with a dream of one day being part of solving problems for humankind on Mars as we endeavor to terraform the ‘Red Planet’.

GeoSTEM Education

Space Saturdays

Giving kids in Kenya the opportunity to use telescopes and other tools to learn about space first hand creates an amazing opportunity for inspiration in science and creativity.

Mars Kenya Analogs

Camp Kipini

Located in Thika near Fourteen Falls, our head office also serves as a testbed for all intended projects.

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Space Workshop Summer 2023

Students will participate in a workshop on the past, present and future of astronomy in Kenya. Here students will get to share their knowledge and love of astronomical studies. They will also be taken through an introduction to astronomical ideologies of collectivist societies, which are prominent in Kenya, as well as those around modern astronomy.

Best Team

Meet Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are the powerhouse behind MARS SOCIETY KENYA – leading, sharing, discussing, presenting, steering, assessing, editing and being ambassadors to deliver our vision and mission, as well as helping create  more ‘Elon Musks’ around the world.


Fred David

A Microsoft Certified Consultant and the current Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) National Point of Contact (NPoC) for Kenya.


Felistus Wanjiru

An undergraduate with a BSc in Astrobiology.


Isaac Gathu

An I.T. Technician by profession, a space enthusiast, the President/Founder of Mars Society Kenya, an Analog Astronaut and an ‘Afronaut in Training’.

Become A Volunteer For 'Humans-To-Mars'

Becoming a volunteer isn’t just about giving back to your community. It’s also about learning new skills, making lifelong friends and being a part of developing and recommending policies and procedures concerning space and astronomy in the country.

We Can't Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone


Our Supporters Voice

These are some of the amazing individuals who are providing us with the vital support that we need.

Mohammed Saibu


We both know Kenya is beyond knowledgeable and capable to operate the center but may need a kickstart to start operations.

Noreen Wahome


I was recommended by the UCT Astronomy Club/ SAAO as one of the astronomy clubs to follow in Kenya. I had not heard of any astronomy clubs in Kenya till then and was curious about the activities of the society with regards to astronomy.

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