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Space Saturdays

Giving kids in Kenya the opportunity to use telescopes and other tools to learn about space first hand creates an amazing opportunity for inspiration in science and creativity.


Zindua STEM

At Zindua STEM, we aim to inspire every child to dream and foster an attitude of “YES I can do it” and engaging every child with project-based learning of interest that includes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and activities such as art, coding, drones (robotics) and more to promote talents.


Postcards to Space

Postcards to Space are our way of trying to inspire the kids more about space by asking them to draw what they think about space on the back side of the card.

The card is mailed to BLUE ORIGIN 9address is on the postcard but they would write it on the red envelope).

BLUE ORIGIN receives it and flies the white postcard to space and mails it back. Be sure they put correct postage on both items and the correct ‘Return to’ address. The red envelopes are meant for the white postcards.


Mars Kenya Analogs

Mars Society Kenya is in the process of establishing a Mars Habitat Simulation Programme / Research Station (MDRS) to be set up in the country. The MDRS will enable both the citizens and any other willing party to practice and experiment on a Martian-like environment, even as we purpose to eventually have a human presence on Mars.


Space Boot Camp (Space City)

Mars Society Kenya is working on establishing a Space City. The Space City will be a fully-fledged space academy which will also feature a Mars Simulation Habitat.


Hackathons / Rover Challenge

Mars Society Kenya is also recognized as a University Chapter. By signing an MOU with us, university students get to form a Mars Society Kenya university club.

Through the clubs, students get a chance to participate at an Annual Competition (hackathon). This is an initiative to promote Robotics, AI and Space technologies to universities and other organizations.

Participants meet on a Mars Yard resembling the surface of the Red Planet and  face several tasks based on the roadmaps of the next NASA, ESA or KSA exploration missions,

We welcome any university interested in forming a Mars Society Kenya university club to get in touch with us.