ASI-Sapienza Agreement: A Joint Italian-Kenyan Postgraduate Course as a Tool for Capacity Building in Aerospace

In line with the ASI-Sapienza Agreement (between the University of Nairobi and the University of Rome, Italy), successful trainees will qualify to join the space port for internship, this period will serve as the officially working population of the port. The interns will be involved in all manner of the port’s operations.

“Bearing in mind the question on how we can set up a process to build capacity locally, we decided to establish a joint Postgraduate Course in “Space Mission Design and Management”, ……..not only students, but Professors at University of Nairobi and experts form Kenya Space Agency are directly involved in designing and setting a higher education program together with professors from Sapienza University of ROME and experts form ASI.”

ASI – Sapienza Agreement_052701

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